Alfred Priess A/S finds that the market is increasingly demanding high aesthetic value in objects set up in the landscape and cityscape.

Lattice towers have been widely used for decades, and Alfred Priess A/S is a significant manufacturer in this market. However, as the telecom industry expands its network and comes closer to our residential areas, municipalities often find there is something lacking in the designs used, and the demand for alternatives is growing.

Accordingly, working with Bjarne Schläger, architect MAA, Alfred Priess A/S has designed and developed a brand-new architect-designed range of antenna columns where aesthetics and integration of the equipment were the key elements.

With the new design, we have succeeded in shifting the focus from the traditional, not very popular antenna column to a more sculptural solution, where all the equipment is integrated into the design. Architectural Antenna Columns mean the demanding, new technology can still be rolled out in urban areas, without being an eyesore to the people who live there.

Two versions are being launched initially: TETRA and MODULAR.